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Is figuring out a positive visitation schedule hindering your attempts at a peaceful divorce process? Our child visitation lawyers are here to assist you and your spouse find a schedule that works in for both of you. We guarantee that the experience of our visitation lawyers will help you comprehend and exercise your child visitation rights.

Child Visitation Rights & Supervised Visitation Schedule

Child visitation laws often favor the parent who will best put the child into a situation to succeed. With that in mind, our child visitation lawyers will fight for your child visitation rights as a parent while also doing what is best for your child. A visitation attorney will be able to clearly explain your rights to ensure you know what is being done to help you and your child.

Often, a visitation attorney can be a mediator between parents to amicably come to a decision regarding custody and child visitation rights. If your spouse ends up having sole custody you will still have visitation rights. In extreme cases these will be supervised visitations. A supervised visitation is where a court-approved adult, other than the custodial parent, must be present during the visit. A visitation attorney will fight to reduce the number of supervised visitations, as these are not the most beneficial experiences for either the parent or child. Our child visitation lawyers know your rights and will strive to get you and your child what you deserve.

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Our child visitation lawyers are here if you need help defending your rights in a visitation hearing. If you have questions about your child visitation rights or are looking for representation please contact us. We will fight for your rights and what is right for your child.

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