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Is the thought of needing to pay or rely on child support after a divorce creating stress? Our experienced child support lawyers are available to give you the child support information you will need to feel less stressed. Child support is the most predictable condition of a divorce. A child support lawyer can explain these factors to you to help you prepare for you and your child’s financial future

What is Child Support & Child Support Enforcement

When going through a divorce involving children, you may wonder, “What is child support? Do I even need a lawyer for child support?” Child support is a legally mandated payment from one spouse to another to help with the financial aspect of raising a child. Even in cases of joint custody, one parent may have to provide child support if that parent makes more than the other. Factors that go into determining how much child support is paid are fairly easy to predict and are usually based on the difference between each parents’ salary. Our child support lawyers can help you predict if you will owe child support, and if so, give you an idea of how much you will owe.

Sometimes the parent who is directed to pay child support feels they are being made to pay more than they should. This often leads to withholding of payment. Child support laws provide for child support enforcement. This enforcement is usually handled on a state level with extreme circumstances progressing to the federal level. If the parent who owes child support moves across state lines to avoid payment or is two years delinquent the federal government gets involved.

If your financial circumstances change, child support modification is an option. Rather than accept child support enforcement as an alternative to paying we can provide you with the child support information you need to get a new payment plan enacted.

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What is child support? Where do I get the child support information I need? Our child support lawyers are here to help. Contact our child support law firm. We can give you all the information you need and help you avoid child support enforcement. We are here for all your child support needs!

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